Making Primary
Care Primary

Pearl Health is freeing physicians to manage patients the right way.

No denials. No prior-authorizations.
No bureaucracy.

We're here to support primary care providers


Pearl offers PCPs a fixed per-member-per-month payment for each Traditional Medicare member in your practice, allowing you to focus on your patients rather than worrying about cash flow.  We’ll also finance necessary risk protections for you.


Pearl ingests data on your patients and seamlessly surfaces the most relevant clinical insights. Pearl delivers what you need to know when you need to know it.

Practice Performance Services

Pearl is geared towards understanding your individual practice needs, and the needs of your unique population of patients.

Direct Contracting
Program Assistance

There are multiple options for providers within the Direct Contracting model. Pearl will help find the configuration that is best for your practice and match you with a Direct Contracting Entity that can meet your needs.

Over the past decade, primary care physicians have been burdened with good intentions – quality reporting, forced technology and complicated payment arrangements.

But what matters are the small bits of clinically relevant information, informed by physicians’ experience – clinical pearls. Pearl is designed to empower providers to focus on patient care, while compensating them for improving their patients’ health.

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